Precision stacking systems for continuous strips, bands and sheets.

We have several palletizing systems depending on the type of product to be palletised and the performance required.

Main characteristicsP55P56P85P90
FormatsBand, band cut into strips joined by dots/not joined, sheetBand, band cut into strips joined by dots / not joinedStripBand, band cut into strips joined by dots/not joined, strip, sheet
Possibility with 2 pallet / box lengthsYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optional
Possibility with 2 pallet / box widthsYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optional
Permissible working width (mm)Std. 700 Optional up to 1.200Std. 700 Optional up to 1.200Std. 25 – 250 Other dimensions to be consideredStd. 25 – 250 (strips) Std. 800 (strip)
Types of stackingUnidirectional foldingUnidirectional foldingBidirectional foldingUnidirectional / bidirectional folding
Material pressed with flapsYesYesYesYes
No. of strips per containerTo be adapted as requiredTo be adapted as required1 or more1 or more
Supported ContainersStd. Pallet Optional boxStd. Pallet Optional boxBox (cardboard, wood, plastic, metal)Box, pallet
Longitudinal cutting (cold)Yes, optionalYes, optionalNot applicableYes, optional
Cross section (cold)YesNoYes, optionalYes
Film applicatorYes, optionalYes, optionalNot applicableYes, optional
Static WeighingYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optional
Dynamic weighingYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optionalYes, optional

The series of palletisers described above have two degrees of automation, semi-automatic or 100% automatic, depending on two characteristics:

  • If the final strip or band cross-section cutting (when the box or pallet is full) is carried out automatically or manually.
  • If the loading and unloading of pallet or box is done manually or automated.

Peripherals and accessories

Our series of palletisers can be completed with some of the peripherals or accessories described below:

  • Transversal cutting systems
  • Longitudinal cutting systems (cold and hot)
  • Sheet cutters (stock feeders)
  • Inspection and quality control systems
  • Automatic gripper systems for picking up and placing the band from the batch-off to the palletising system
  • Metal Detectors
  • Weighing systems
  • Markers

Some of these accessories are completely independent units that can operate independently (e.g. sheet cutters).

All these peripherals can be mounted on existing equipment (palletizers, lines, …).

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