Machinery for the rubber industry


Our engineering department is constantly working on the evolution of RubberMat® equipment, thus advancing your company’s needs and helping you to optimise your production processes.


One of our great virtues is the adaptation and customisation of our solutions to the needs of your production processes.


Because we know that the operation of our equipment has a direct impact on your results, we make sure that each of our constructions works with maximum efficiency.


There are intangible values that are essential for companies to prosper: security, planning and control. When production flows, you can concentrate on new avenues of growth. That’s what you’ll achieve with RubberMat® production lines.

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RubberMat®, rubber processing and handling machinery

We are specialists in the construction of integrated lines, as well as peripherals for the handling of rubber compounds, whether bands or strips. Our equipment incorporates into the different process cycles:

  • Transport of rubber bands or strips (between mixer or extruder cylinders and cooling tunnels and feeding unit)
  • Batch-off:
    1. Cooling units and anti-tack agent application
    2. Cooling tunnels
  • Palletizing of band, plates and strips on multiple supports (boxes, pallets).
  • Logistic systems for feeding and transporting boxes/pallets for palletising stations.
  • Skips for the transport of mixtures
  • Grippers
  • Additional operations:
    1. Hot strip cutting (in cylinder or in inlet group)
    2. Cold cutting (strips and strips joined by dots)
    3. Cross cutting
    4. Sample remover
    5. Quality control (inspection and verification)
    6. Weighing
    7. Marking
    8. Labelling
  • Tailor-made automations

Our solutions allow us to offer you a global answer to improve your current facilities, adapting to your present and future needs.

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