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Since 1963, we are in constant evolution to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.

The history of Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica began in 1963, as a company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery and accessories for the industrial sector.

Initially, the company was dedicated to the manufacture of moulds for the plastic and rubber industry such as dies, tools and small machinery for the optimisation of production processes of companies located in the same geographical region.

During all these years, Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica was present in various sectors of the industry such as railways, automotive, construction, fair attractions and water treatment.

In 1976 Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica began to collaborate in different projects within the rubber sector. In the mid of 80’s the company started to develop its own equipment, obtaining from the beginning a high quality and reliable products.

In the process of expansion within the rubber sector, Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica created the RubberMat® brand for all its products for the rubber industry, giving them their own identity.

Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica - Especialistas en maquinaria para caucho

RubberMat® products are strongly positioned at national and international level, being present in countries such as: United States (USA), Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, Tunisia, India, Sweden, Belgium,…

In 2017, the company MEIDINN & LAVSA, S.L (MEILAV®) acquired the company Talleres Ingeniería Mecánica.

Both companies joined forces and a new phase began in which the RubberMat® brand was strengthened, taking advantage of the synergies between the two companies and giving rise to the two brands that the company currently has.

RubberMat®, design and manufacture of machinery for the rubber sector and derivatives; and Meilav®, design and manufacture of taylor made machinery and automations for various industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, food, automotive, plastic, chemical,…).

The company currently has a highly experienced staff in the rubber and industrial sector, both in R+D+i and manufacturing. This allows us to be, at the moment, one of the leading companies in our sector both nationally and internationall.

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