Mix transport wagons

Skips are equipment used to transport mixtures between closed mixers, more commonly known as bamburis and open mixers or cylinders.

The transport of mixtures is carried out by means of a trolley that slides completely guided over rails, starting from a collection point, or loading point, and delivering the mixture in one or several unloading points. At the unloading point, the trolley performs a tipping manoeuvre.

These installations are fully custom-made as they have to be adapted to the peculiarities and requirements of the customer’s installation.

The skips have their own electrical installation and communicate with the dosing and mixing treatment equipment to synchronise the loading and unloading operations. Normally, the travel speed of the trolley is variable and adjustable. Braking resistors are incorporated in installations with significant unevenness.

There are different types of skip, depending on their geometry.

  • Linear path: linear path between the loading point and the unloading point(s).
  • Mixed path: linear path with curved sections between the loading point and the unloading point(s).

Loading and unloading points.

  • One loading point and one unloading point.
  • One loading point and two unloading points. Optionally more.

Depending on its moving parts.

  • Fixed.
  • Telescopic.
  • Rotating (to feed two points).

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Other rubber production equipment

In addition to skips for transporting rubber mixtures, we manufacture specialized machinery to properly equip companies dedicated to rubber production and processing.