Automatic feeding, movement and unloading systems

The complete pallet and/or box movement systems are integrated by different units.

  • Linear conveyors.
    They are in charge of transporting the pallet or box between two points in a straight line.
  • Transfer units.
    They are in charge of transferring the pallet or box between two linear conveyors with 90º disposition, to make a change of direction of this same angle.

There are two main types of linear conveyors, depending on the technique of dragging the pallet or box.

Roller conveyors:

  • Free rollers, without motorisation. The load slides by gravity with a slight inclination of the conveyor.
  • Motorized rollers

Chain conveyors, with two or three chains (*):

  • Single motorisation
  • Independent motorisation
  • (*) For boxes with reduced section legs, the chain conveyor can be equipped with bases or platforms that act as adapters.

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Other rubber production equipment

In addition to pallet conveyors, we manufacture specialized machinery to properly equip companies dedicated to rubber production and processing.