Longitudinal cutting system (cold and hot)

Longitudinal cutting systems can be placed before batch-off, to perform a hot cut, or after batch-off to perform a cold cut.

Hot cutting can be carried out either directly on the cylinder or on the inlet group, just before the anti-tack agent application. Cold cutting takes place just after the batch-off.

RubberMat® longitudinal cutting systems consist of three distinct parts:

  • The cutting unit itself, pneumatically driven, which incorporates a circular steel cutting blade with high-strength heat treatment.

    • Optionally, the cutting unit can be equipped with a quick-change blade system if the manufacturing process requires working with different blade types.
  • The support of the cutting units:

    • Mechanical support, manually adjustable.
    • Automatic adjustment support with motorisation and remote regulation.
  • The contrast roller on which the blade comes into contact, cutting the rubber.

The drive of the cutting units can be automated to a greater or lesser degree depending on the needs of the application. The maximum degree of automation allows remote control of the drive of each blade separately, as well as its position.

Manual 40mm
Automatic 60mm
Hot cutting Manual / automatic 28mm

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Other rubber production equipment

In addition to longitudinal cutting system, we manufacture specialized machinery to properly equip companies dedicated to rubber production and processing.