Rubber-coated guardrails

Road safety is one of the most important issues today. Among all the actors involved in road driving, motorcyclists are one of the groups at greatest risk and it is for this reason that alternative infrastructures are sought that do not pose a danger to the lives of these people. Among the latest innovations, we can highlight the rubber-coated guardrails which we explain in detail below.

Guardarraíles recubiertos de caucho: más seguridad para motoristas

Rubber as an indispensable material for road safety

We all know that guardrails are elements of road safety that have the function of preventing vehicles from going off the road. However, motorcyclists and cyclists can suffer significant injuries when hitting them, as they are made of metal and have no added protection.

Thus, when they are hit, motorcycle and bicycle users can suffer serious injuries, as the metal edges act as blades. Therefore, in order to avoid these risk situations, it is being decided to cover the guardrails with rubber.

Rubber is a resistant material with very special properties. It absorbs and eliminates to a great extent the energy of the movement generated in the impacts. In this way, by covering the guardrails with this material, greater injuries can be avoided.

Rubber-coated guardrails have a very compact design and their environmental impact is really low, as full advantage of the guardrail that is already installed is taken.

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of rubber products, always providing the best solutions to each project in which we collaborate. For more information on rubber-coated guardrails or any other of our products and services, please contact us.

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