How to recycle tyre rubber

Cómo reciclar el caucho de los neumáticos

The mass production of tyres and the difficulty of making them disappear is one of the main environmental problems. If they are not recycled adecuadamente pueden provocar gran contaminación ambiental, ya que lo más properly they can cause great environmental pollution, since the most widespread way to dispose of this type of material is direct burning, which causes many toxic and harmful gases for the environment.

Here are some methods of tyre recovery:

Methods using heat

  • Thermolysis: This is a high temperature process that allows the elements that make up the tyre to be triggered. In this way, metals, solid and gaseous hydrocarbons are obtained that can be reused for other purposes.
  • Pyrolysis: It is the chemical decomposition of the product through high temperatures without oxygen. In this way no dioxins or furans are produced that are too polluting. In the case of tyres, the rubber is degraded and GAZ is formed, a gas similar to propane that can be used for industrial use.
  • Incineration: It is the complete combustion of organic matter into ashes. The heat generated in this process can be used as energy, although if uncontrolled, incineration can cause great environmental damage.

Physical methods

  • Cryogenic shredding: This is a costly and complex process resulting in a range of low quality products. The difficulty of purifying and separating the rubber in this process makes this system unsuitable.
  • Mechanical shredding: As the name implies, this is an entirely mechanical process, with no external chemical agents or addition of heat. The tyre passes through a series of shredders until it manages to reduce its size to a very small one.
  • Conversion of tyres into electrical energy: Once separated, waste tyres can be converted into electrical energy. The waste is fed into a boiler where combustion takes place and the heat released from it is converted into steam and pressure. These elements reach a mobile turbine and the generator connected to it produces electricity.

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